Monday, March 26, 2018

Reference Links


   Drawing isn't just moving you're hand on the page to make shapes, it's a whole thinking process. Whether it's a tiger's anatomy or the correct body stance of a 1700 sword fight, it helps to "understand" when you're doing art.  
   There is so many fantastic websites for reference online.  I've compiled a huge list of links over the years and in hopes of never losing them to a computer crash or apple update, I'd like to share them with the world. The list is seperated in to a bunch of different categories including (but not limited to) artists, photos, blogs, and books. I'll update the list as I come across more cool sites and keep it expanding.


Anatomy Atlases (an anatomy digital library)

Character Designs (Reference for poses, weapons, monsters, and more)

Human Anatomy for Artists (search by age, body type, hair, gender, race, pose, clothings)

Human Photo References for 3D artists and Game Developers

(Cross fade between drawings and photo reference)

Photo reference for Comic Artists (search by age, body type, race,costumes)

Posemaniacs (anatomy models of humans from 3D pose)

Zygote Body (3D models of the human body) 


Archi/Maps (architecture and map blog)

Architecture Daily (the world’s most visited architecture website) 

Castle picture (castle reddit group)

Contemporist (architecture, interiors, design, art, and travel)  

Evil Buildings (super villain architecture reddit group)

Glamshops (visual merchandising and store design)

Urban Exploration   


Getty Collection (4,600 images from the Getty museum) 

Google Art Project (collections and stories from around the world)

Illustration Inspiration: 

Illustration Art: 

LACMA (online library of 20,000 images from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

National Gallery of Art (51,000 images from the collections of the NGA)

Rijksmuseum (digitalized collection from Amsterdam grand museum)

Today’s Inspiration
(celebrating illustration, design, cartoon, and comic art of the mid 20th century)

Web Gallery of Art (44,800 reproductions, 8th-19th centuries)


Aaron Beck (video game, movie concept artist) 

Adam Brockbank (movie concept artist)

Ben Mauro (movie concept artist) 

Chris Foss (sci-fi concept artist)

Christian Lorenz Scheurer (concept artist)         

Elena and Olivia Ceballos (vis dev artists Dreamworks) 

Feng Zhu Design (concept art veteran)

Francois Baranger (concept art, visual development)

Hans Bacher (production designer for animation)

Jaime Jones (illustrator, concept designer)

John Bell (movie concept artist)

John Nevarez (vis dev, story artist for animation) 

John Park (concept art for film, video games)

Kasra Farahani (production design, concept artist) 

Mark Goerner (concept designer)

Matt Jones (story artist for animation)

Maxime Desmettre (vis dev and illustration)

Mike Yamada (vis dev at Dreamworks)     

Nate Wragg (art director and illustrator for animation)

Nathan Fowkes (concept artist for animation)

Peter De Seve (illustrator, character designer) 

Robh Ruppel

Samuel Michlap (production designer, concept artist)

Sparth (artistic director, concept designer)

Thomas Scholes

Victoria Ying (animation concept artist)

Concept Art Sites

Concept (artist galleries, forums, job postings)  

The CG Society (global art community)  

The Art Center :

The Gnomon Workshop ( professional training for artists $ )  

Muddy Colors (fantasy arts community)  

Spaceship sketches and renderings     

Robot sketches and renderings  

Tank sketches and renderings

Vehicle sketches and renderings

Alien sketches and renderings  

Character Design References


Art book reviews (AMAZING!!!!!)

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature

Getty Publications Virtual Library (free digital backlist titles)

Internet Archive (library of millions of free books, movies, music,and more)

Met Publications Metropolitan Museum of Art (publications on art history)
Project Gutenberg (56,000 free ebooks)


Earth (amazing pictures from around the planet)

Ice reference

Jungle (pictures of jungles, forests and wooded areas)

Ocean (pictures of the sea)

River reference

Sky (cloud and sky pictures)


The British Library (1,000,000 images, public domain) 

Flickr (billions of shared images)

FreeImages (free images and free stock pictures)

Getty Images (stock photography $)

Image After (28,000 free textures and images)

TwistedSifter (Art, travel, architecture, animals, stories, picture of the day)

Random Reference

Animation Backgrounds

Art of the Title (title sequence design for tv, film, and video games)  


Draw A Box (free exercise based approach learning drawing fundamentals)

Environment Textures 

Male Fashion Trends

Movie Screencaps  

Reference (poses, weapons, monsters, style, and more) 

Statues (sculptures and fountains for sale)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Aquarium of the Pacific

    I visited the Los Angeles aquarium and did some filming as I toured with my phone. It was nothing special but everything sounds epic when the Planet Earth soundtrack is playing behind it. 

Aquarium of the Pacific